Own pick-up point

With Own Pickup Service you can choose to route parcels, which you have to collect, to the post office or post in shop you would most like to use. For example, you can select whether your packages will be delivered to a service centre closer to where you work, or to one with opening hours that suit your lifestyle. The service is free of charge, and you determine for how long you want it to be valid.


  • mail sent using the Noutopiste service is not redirected, but sent to the service centre ordered by the sender.
  • oförtullade försändelser stannar först i tillfälligt lager (Mariehamns postkontor eller Sviby postteminal). När de är förtullade förs de till valt avhämtningsställe.
  • if there is a parcel locker linked to the service centre, Åland Post will decide whether the mail will be put into the locker or retrieved over the counter. This is either because there is not enough space for all packages in the parcel lockers or the sender has ordered additional services that require personal signatures.
  • the service stops if you move house. If you wish to retain the same pick-up point, you should re-register for the service at the same time as you make your change of address.
  • the service only applies to packages without delivery.

You are welcome to get in touch if you have any suggestions or queries. Tel: 636 624 Email address: kundtjanst@alandpost.com