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  • Own delivery location – you allow Åland Post the authorisation to sign for and deliver a delivery package in a location when you are not able to receive the package personally.
  • Own pick-up point – you control the mail collected by one of Åland Post's service centres so that you can collect it at the Post Office or Terminal that best suits you.
  • Fixed-term forwarding - post sent to your normal address is sent to a different address for a predetermined period.
  • Change of address - a change of address is made when you make a permanent move and want your post to be forwarded to your new address. You can also give the legal advisory notice to the Local Register Office that you are changing your address.
  • Notification of secondary ‘parallel’ address - register a parallel address if you want post sent to an address other than your primary or timed address.
  • Mail delivery interruption - ensure safe storage of your post when you are on holiday or away and cannot empty the post box every day.